Busan, here we come!

End of November 2015

Had our Sayonara Party in Japan, said our: “this is not good bye, but a see you later” and “thank you for all 15 years”, cried in the arms of the loved ones, got our 9 big, not exaggerating BIG luggages, our Beagle in his crate and flew to our new Home in Busan, South Korea.

New Home means, you really have to start up everything from zero, new country, new language, new city, new friends, new areas to explore and of course a lots of muscle ache from trying to talk to people at the super market.

Of course all that is exiting, new starts are good!

…but the most exiting thing in the all moving was the view from our apartment.

Aside from that I always wanted to experience to live in a city that has both, mountains and ocean and all four seasons, yes, we get an apartment with the ocean view!!!

After dinner I just grab a glass of red wine and I enjoy the sunset for the rest of my 1049 days left in this beautiful country.

Busan Gwangan Bridge

Busan Gwangan Bridge

Busan Gwangan Bridge



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