5 Ways to Build Your Happiness

Some people have in their instinct to feel happiness, to think positive or to feel gratitude, give love or show appreciation. Others are not that lucky or simply grow up in difficult circumstances and have to try hardly to build a positive mindset day by day. Yes, believe it or not, positivity can be learned and I believe that it is possible for all of us adults to change the way we think.

For me Happiness comes thru a positive way of thinking about everything happens in my life so here are my few steps that will lead you towards positivity.

1. Be grateful

Start by being thankful for everything in your life, the good sleep that you had, the person next to you in the bed, the sun that raised, the health you have, the roof about your head, the food you have everyday, the bath that you can take, the blanket in your lap and the pooch that sleeps next to you. Start to observe whats around you and start your day by finding at least 10 things every morning and other 10 before you go to sleep. First 10 things that it comes to your mind it’s perfectly fine, just do it everyday till it becomes a habit.

2. Finding at least a single positive thing into every situation that it seems to start negative, hopeless or impossible to achieve. Give yourself some time to think about the situation, refocus, take a deep breath and see the situation from the other side.

There is a story about a country living old men. He had only one son and he always wanted for him to stay healthy and to be safe. One day the son went to ride a horse, he fell down and he broke his leg. All neighbors felt sorry for him knowing what the fathers wish is and they will say how unlucky he is, but the father wasn’t sad thinking: I’m sure it is with purpose. Next day the army came into the village to pick up new recruits to fight in the war but because they saw the son had a broken leg they din’t recruit him.                                                                                                                         Sometimes things must fall apart in order that better things can fall together.

3. Stop overthinking

I am a Virgo. Do you know what that means? I can even think myself sick, when I’m in my best shape of my life. If you are a Virgo, you definitely know what I mean. Overthinking is creating problems which don’t actually exist, makes you to see situations more worse than they are. Stop thinking about what can it go wrong when you can think about what can go right. Don’t misjudge the first impression about how you see the things. Just take them in the way they are!

4. Help others to stay positive (or at least help them discover positivity)   Have you heard about: “help others in order to help yourself?” This is about that saying.                                                                                               Sometimes we know the theory but we are not so good in practice. Telling someone your theories about how to achieve happiness, makes you practice it and lots of practice makes perfection. Everything you say and think is like a little seed, that with time will come back to you. Plant positive seeds into somebody’s mind and positive things will happen to you. You ca be an encourager, the world is full of critics already.

5. Feel joy in everything you do

It is in human nature to compare our lives with others and that will bring jealousy, insecurity, weakness, fear. Believe me the grass isn’t greener on the other side. If from the start you can’t feel joy of anything you do, force yourself to do it. Force yourself to smile, force yourself to have a good laugh and you will feel better in the next second. Change your mood if you feel down. Dancing, eat your favorite food, read a good book, go out in the nature, pet your dog or cook some food for your loved ones, but everything you do, you have to do it with all your heart. Put love in the things you do. Leave your phone aside when you cook and you eat, instead listen to some good music.  Listen to the sound of nature when you walk outside, breath in the fresh air, look at the sky, feel the breeze on your cheeks. Be alive and present in your own life so you can feel joy in everything you do.                                                                                                        You are in charge of how do you feel so choose to feel Joy in everything you do today.

In the end let me remind you, just because you want to learn to be positive and you try to attract the good things in your life it doesn’t mean that all your days will be perfect and no bad things will happen to you. It just simply helps to be kinder to yourself and your health. Practicing to be positive day by day, you are learning NOT get deep into the negative side and see the problem from a different perspective. Don’t forget when life gives you lemons make a lemonade, or just grab some tequila and some salt with it:)

A happy life means a healthy life by all meanings. Starting your day in a positive way is the best gift you can offer for yourself so learn to build your own happy life.





3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Build Your Happiness

  1. Haha, I’m a Virgo and I definitely know what you mean. It’s a daily progress. Meditation has been a recent tool and incense as complimentary. Great points.


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