4 Magic Words: “I Love You, I’m Sorry, Forgive Me and Thank You”

We are totally responsible for our actions and our reality.

The day we live today is a reflexion of what we sent out to the universe some time ago. Even if we think is totally outside of our control somehow we attract every action into our lives. Problems that show up are always a reminder of old “memories” that need to be healed.

An ancient Hawaiian healing practice called Ho’oponopono says that if we use the sentences: “I Love You” “I’m Sorry” “Forgive Me” and “Thank You” we have the power to cure ourself.

I Love You– because there is no greater love that the love we can have for ourselves. Love its powerful, we are feeding our souls from love. The universe is love. Our creator is love and we were made to be perfect.

I’m Sorry– for what we have expressed in our lives, it was our responsibility and we are sorry for manifest it into our daily life.

Forgive me– asking for forgiveness to ourselves is going to release every guilt and let our memories to start to heal.

Thank you– every problem manifest into our life gives us the possibility to change them and clear them out.

In the book “Zero Limits” by Joe Vitale we find out that the real power and the real healing takes place when you take total responsibility for everything in your life, because when you do that, you then have the power to change it or heal it.

This simple phrases have the greatest healing properties in the whole world. They can release the memories that where programed thru our subconscious mind. When we say this 4 simple sentences we neutralize and erase those memories that where stored into our mind and will transform them into Pure Love.

Choose to change your past and manifest just good things into your life.


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