Traditional Bucket List

This is my bucket list. It will be continuously update it and with time I will add a reverse bucket list with pictures and the story of the completed goals.

You are more then welcome to comment, make suggestions or ask me anything about the list and I hope that my list will give you the inspiration to create your own bucket list.

Remember, no one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they had plenty of sleep 🙂

  1. Go to a Yanni Concert
  2. Run a 5K Marathon
  3. Run a 10K Marathon
  4. Go to Dolphin Watching Tour
  5. Make a Couple Wish List
  6. Make a List of Favorite Quotes & Print Them Out
  7. Make a List of Books I Want to Read
  8. Spend a Christmas/New Years in New York
  9. Visit all 7 Continents
  10. Visit all the Island in Caribbean’s
  11. Surf in Costa Rica
  12. Ride a Zip Line
  13. Learn to Ride Motorcycle
  14. Create & Sell a Product of My Own
  15. Create a (few) Passive Income Source
  16. Get My JLPT 2
  17. Get a Tattoo
  18. Buy a House near Mountain and Ocean & make it Home
  19. Go into a Trip/Cruise with My Best Friend
  20. Play with a Panda
  21. Horseback Ride on a Beach
  22. Spend a Night into a Castle
  23. Learn Spanish
  24. Own a Pair of Louboutin’s
  25. Scuba Dive in any Caribbean Island, Bali & Belize
  26. Go to Visit the Grand Canyon
  27. Play at Casino in Vegas
  28. Swim in Sands Skypark Infinity Pool in Singapore
  29. Make a Hot Air Balloon Date with Nick
  30. Write a Positive Thinking or Personal Growth Book
  31. Meet a Favorite Person (YouTube, Blog, Singer etc.)
  32. Eat a Meal Cooked by Gordon Ramsey
  33. Design my own Walk in Closet
  34. Design my Baby’s Nursery Room
  35. Feed a Homeless Person
  36. Plant a Tree
  37. Help Someone to Fulfill a Dream





2 thoughts on “Traditional Bucket List

  1. Learn Spanish. Currently in progress. My advice? Let everyone around you who speaks it know that you are learning. Remind them and repeat after them.


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