7 Awesome Daily Affirmation

Your mind is a powerful thing. Fill it up with positive thoughts from morning and you will stay more likely positive the entire day.

Every emotion we put out into the universe will bring back the same emotions or situations. Have you heard about what you give, comes back to you? Imagine that we are living magnets. What we attract into our lives is in harmony with our dominant thoughts.

There’s no meaning to think about what can happen tomorrow, in a month or in a year. Overthinking leads to negative thoughts. Focus on today and do whatever you can to get you closer to where you want to be.

I strongly think that every one of us need to start the day with self acceptance and love towards ourself so we can love, respect and be kind to others around us and we should go to bed being grateful for our healthy and energy for that day maybe use the Hoponopono healing words to forgive ourselves for the tasks that maybe we couldn’t do therefore  I made for myself a small graphic to make it easier to read first thing in the morning. Please feel free to use it if you feel comfortable with the affirmations.

Today I promise myself to stress less and smile more, appreciate the moment and pick out the best of it.  Because I know that what I put out in the universe will come back to me, today I will be open to changes. I will do my best to add quality to this world and be kind, friendly and compassionate with people around me. Today I promise to love myself unconditionally and forgive myself for the past, I am grateful to be healthy and alive. Today I will have the best day of my life.


To I will



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